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”1 Blouse x 2 Looks” – Entry to Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year


As you probably know by now, I’m all about taking chances and diving in on the deep end. Well it’s time to do so again, as you Swedes should have noticed by now, this post is in English…

Yup, I have decided to submit an entry to the prestigious ”Breakthrough Fashion Blogger of the Year” competition.  Now most of you will probably say -”But Tess, you are not a fashion blogger, you blog about about everything from ”How to customise a nightside table from Ikea”, to French Bulldogs?”

Well, while that is true, I have noticed recently a lot of the pure fashion blogs have started venturing in to the Lifestyle and Beauty genres and vice versa. So we are really not that different any more. Much like the world around us, the blogosphere is evolving and getting more and more mixed up.

And on the smallest one off chance that Leandra Medine, aka Man repeller (I’m a mahassive fan!) would somehow find her way to my tiny part of the Internet, this opportunity is just to juicy and exciting to turn down. So, in the name of punching above ones weight and trying to get noticed in the world, you Swedish gals and boys might have to find it in your heart to forgive a one off English-only post.

Tess Montgomery Breaktrough Fashionblogger of The year 1

Something has happened to me recently, regarding style and clothes.

I have always had a massive interest in fashion and even though I have not always had the cash to indulge, there has been a lot of umming and aaing in front of my wardrobe every day since I was old enough to dress myself. There was a Ferrari jean jumpsuit with red cowboy boots combo when I was 5, a full on Annie Hall inspired look for my graduation in 5th grade and then.. I lost my sass.

I went from wearing what was fun and inspiring, to looking at other people, tv-shows and magazines and feeling completely overwhelmed at the challenge of picking the ”right thing”. I wanted to look cool and ”in”, but I was to scared to misstep, so I played it safe. I bought what the cool girls in school wore, copied looks entirely from the pages of cosmo and matched my friends down to the ”right” shade of black.

I became a follower…


It didn’t get much better when I started blogging almost 10 years ago. All of  sudden I had so many more eyes on me and my little 5’5 stature.

It IS hard to be vertically challenged in a fashion world filled with long limbed elfins, who can put on their boyfriends old trackie bottoms and get 10 000 + likes on Instagram. It honestly made me feel like an umpalumpa, so in the name of self-preservation I focused on the things I knew. I have great skin and have a massive interest in beauty products, I have a face and I’m comfortable with it. More beauty it is!

Then I turned 30 and I stopped giving a f*ck. (Well I still kind of do, a little bit, but fewer f*cks…)

My face got a wrinkle or five and my body is still just as vertically challenged. But I got so tired of limiting myself that I just s t o p p e d.
I rediscovered my love for having fun with fashion again and I don’t really care if you like what I wear or not, it’s in the end not for you, but for me. I have realised that the way I dress is how I chose to express myself, it doesn’t matter if I’m ”in” or ”cool” as long as I feel comfortable. And when I’m comfortable I feel confident.

Tess Montgomery Breaktrough Fashionblogger of the year H&M Manrepeller 2

So this is the reason why all of a sudden a lot more outfits have started popping up here on the blog recently.

The short story is – I’m having fun!

I might be short and old, but fashion is not a set of rules, magazines are not manuals and there is no right or wrong. Fashion is a wonderland filled with unicorns and adventures, you are meant to wander around and hopefully even get a bit lost in all it’s glory of opportunities and inspiration. Magazines and blogs are there to open doors to more exciting options and what everyone else is wearing is like their own personal art.

We are meant to inspire each other, not judge. Let’s celebrate all our uniqueness and have a great time expressing ourselves at the same time!

Tess Montgomery Breakthrough Fashionblogger of the year H&M Manrepeller 6

So yes, I’m going to take the leap and put myself out there and I have chosen the theme ”One blouse – two looks” to keep it a bit more real, but still fun.

In this age of sustainability it would be a waste to buy clothes we can only wear for certain occasions. We don’t have the space in our London/Stockholm flats for massive walk in closets filled with one-time-used items. A well curated capsule wardrobe is the way to go, and that in it’s self is an artform.

I chose this amazing blouse from H&M, got it in a size 18 for a bit of extra comfort and I swear I have used it at least 5 times in the last week;
Dressed up with smart trousers with a clutch bag and heels for a night out with the girls, with culottes and flats for a spot of afternoon shopping on Kings Road and even with a Brigitte Bardot up-do, winged liner, jeans and pointy heel for a blog lunch.

I’m in love.

Tess Montgomery Breaktrough Fashionblogger of the year H&M Manrepeller 5

This is what style is to me, to pick an item you love, mix it up with other items you love, add, subtract, play, try-on, discard and do it all over again.

When you buy something, don’t just hang it in the wardrobe as soon as you come home, give yourself a 15 minute try-on session and go wild. Try a top on with at least 4 pairs of trousers and a dress on with every hat you own.

It’s the unexpected combinations that brings the magic, the core of you and your own style. Forget all the rules, no-one can see you make loads of ”mistakes”(unless you snapchat it, that would be fun! Note to self – next time) Find your own look, the essence of what you like to put on your body to feel confident.

And then own it.


So I will continue to invite you guys along on my fashion-adventure. If you don’t mind? I have finally found the joy in my own originality and hopefully this will shine trough here on the blog.

I will never be the one dressed in designer hat to heel, but always try to mix the saves with the splurges. What I wear will never be right or wrong and I will not expect you to copy my looks. But I would love to get the chance to inspire you to take your own leap and start giving fewer f*cks about ”in” and ”cool” yourself.

Lets’s use fashion the way it’s intended, as art and expression and dare to be a bit silly with it once in a while.

I am and I’m having a blast!

Tess Montgomery Breaktrough fashionblogger of the year H&M Manrepeller 4

Hero Blouse – H&M

Look 1 – Top & hat – H&M, trousers – Zara, heels – Topshop.
Look 2 – Trousers – From a tiny shop in Paris, flats – Topshop, cap – Lindex, bag – Asos (adlink). (+ Ribbon around my neck from our wedding decor…)

Photographer – The ever so amazing  Ida Zander


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